Community Under Power


Homelessness is prevalent in nearly every community today. Due to unfortunate circumstances and poor choices many are finding themselves homeless and living on the streets. When these unfortunate circumstances include drug addiction and alcohol addiction Community Under Power is there to help. Deep down inside no one wants to be homeless. Understanding how drug and alcohol addiction have affected them is a step in the right direction, but sometimes, it takes more than just understanding the situation. It takes knowing how to stop the drug and alcohol use and how to retrain oneself to live a normal life. This is where Community Under Power steps in.

Community Under Power, also known as The CUP, is a Christian based ministry that was founded by Kraig and Cindy Kalisch. Kraig and Cindy, both recovering addicts themeselves, have partnered with a local church to help others in unfortunate circumstances. This ministry reaches out to those who are homeless due to life control issues such as drug or alcohol addiction. Most of their clients are struggling with drug or alcohol addiction and are either recently released from jail or prison or have been living on the streets due to homelessness.

At Community Under Power they work with the individuals and put them up in a halfway house while these homeless sheltersindividuals learn life skills. For one year The CUP works with these individuals teaching them such things as how to manage their money, how to overcome addiction through counseling, job skills and social skills when needed and more. Upon entering the program each individual is given an assessment and a program is designed for their personal needs.

Goals are set and the individuals work hard toward accomplishing each and every goal on their list. In time, they graduate from the program and have a small ceremony at the church they are partnered with says Jason Hope ( Various community members assist them in finding a job and transitioning out of The CUP and into their own form of housing. For some, this may only take a year, for others, it may take a bit longer.

The CUP has also partnered with a financial company that helps these individuals in making payment arrangements for past fines and bills that are due and causing them undue stress. By working together in the community these individuals are able to cope and maintain a normal lifestyle while overcoming their individual circumstances.

The CUP works together with the clients in reuniting families whenever possible and encouraging the clients to attend church and discipline their spiritual life as well as recover from addiction. By following the individualized plan clients are given the opportunity to turn their life around while under the supervision of the program.

The CUP also operates a thrift store called Lost But Found Thrift Store and part of their revenue goes toward helping905f5352-1c5c-4c6a-ac97-5cb2f533fa21 in their ministry. Some of the clients learn valuable skills working at the thrift store while working on their individual goals. Having a sense of worth and value is of great importance to anyone but for those who were once homeless, it is an integral part of the healing process.